Modsy Custom Add-Ons

Transform your space with custom changes

Frequently Asked Questions

3D visualization is changing the game. We want to help bring your dream room to life with state of the art technology, and design expertise.


Can you provide paint color suggestions?

Our style team is happy to provide some suggestions for wall color! However, in order for us to model one in, you'll need to send us a link to the specific paint you want to see.

Can I see different paints on each wall?

No problem. Just let us know which paint color corresponds to which wall, and we'll do the rest.

What if I have multiples of the same object, do you charge for each one?

We only charge once for each model. Once it's built it's part of our catalog, and we can use it multiple times within your space.

How long do these changes take?

-Paint Changes : 1 business day
-Wallpaper Updates : 2 business days
-Custom Product : 2-3 business days